OLRM Affiliated Guilds work together to supply missionaries with beautiful symbols of the Lord’s divine presence.

In 1949 we were one man’s mission. Today, OLRM Affiliated Guilds are many working as one for the Blessed Mother. Guilds provide the backbone for the free supply of rosaries to the world.

Start A Rosary Making Guild

Check to see if there is an OLRM affiliated rosary making guildalready operating in your parish or diocese.  If there is, join them!Not one in your area?  Start by contacting the Guild Network. We’ll put you on the path to founding a successful guild.

Rosary Maker’s Discussion Forum at forum.olrm.org. Ask around in the “Rosary Guild” section, there may be someone in your area that also wants to start a guild.

If you’re unable to find an established guild in your area, then it’s time for you to take action! This booklet provides a template for getting a guild off the ground, use it wisely. If at any time you have questions feel free to ask for help through the Rosary Forum, or by emailing us at guilds@olrm.org.

We wish you the best in your work to the Queen of Heaven, and we’re always here to help you in any way we can.

– OLRM Guild Network

OLRM Rosary Making Guild Registration

If you cannot find a guild in your location using the map below, don’t panic! Simply fill out a guild roster and return it to the Guild Network.

Download an OLRM Affiliated Guild Roster

  • Excel Spreadsheet (.csv in compatibility mode ) – coming soon
  • Open Office Calc Speadsheet – coming soon

Fill in the required information, save the file, and email it as an attachment to: info@olrm.org

Get a printable version

  • Get a printable version in Adobe PDF – Coming Soon
  • This requires the latest version of Adobe Reader

Once you’ve filled in the forms mail them to:

OLRM International Center
Guild Network
PO Box 37080
Louisville, KY 40233-7080

Find A Rosary Making Guild

Use the map below to locate a Rosary Making Guild in your area!