How to Make a Rosary

OLRM publishes FREE instructions for making rosaries. How to make a rosary instructions are available for cord and wire rosaries. In addition to these two there are some instructions for variations on these methods.   Printable, online, and video instructions of making rosaries are offered directly on this site below.You may also order FREE copies in bulk, or a DVD for $8.50, through our Online Rosary Parts Catalog.

Wire and Chain Rosary Making Instructions

Wire rosaries are generally stronger and of higher quality.  With patience and practice rosary makers are able to produce beautiful handmade rosaries for the missions and for family and friends.

These printable instructions include directions for forming wire in the beading process, making handmade chain and making bows for connecting to the crucifix and center.

Video instructions available here.

Machine made eye pins and chain are available for making chain rosaries.  Generally, this is considered an easier and time saving method of making chain rosaries.

Instructions for making chain and eye pin rosaries are available here.

Cord / Twine Rosary Making Instructions

Beaded cord rosaries are the fastest and least expensive method of making mission rosaries.

The parts to make one beaded cord rosary are $0.11.  Cord rosaries are easily assembled in about 15 minutes!

These printable instructions include how to make knots, centers, and attach the crucifix.

Video instructions available here.

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    How to make a rosary. Great video. Never change. Very helpful.